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From Steven D Jackson on Amazon Ebook £4.01 - A normal day quickly becomes a nightmare for a young lawyer John Davis as the world around him begins to overwrite itself. Reality changes, night becomes day, rain becomes shine–and only he notices. As John struggles to understand what's happening to him, the alterations take a turn for the sinister. Accidents happen. People vanish. Memories are wiped clean. History itself is rewritten and the world is reshuffled to match it. Alone amongst the multitudes of the world only John is cursed with the ability to perceive these changes. Across the country the violent tears in the fabric of reality are being monitored. A dark and sinister organization watches and waits for its moment to strike. Very soon, John Davis finds himself fighting for his life. Terrified and utterly isolated, John turns to the only person he can trust–an old friend and a link to his past.

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